Yes, all animals have the ability of interspecies communication, including insects. Up until now, besides dogs, cats, and horses, I communicated with birds, wasps, bees, hedgehogs, fishes, ferrets, house rats, spiders, and more.

Your pet doesn't have to be near me for us to have successful communication. Moreover, communications that are done from my safe space are of the best quality. I communicated with animals worldwide. The beauty of telepathy is that we are not limited by time or space.

Besides direct transactions on my bank account, it is possible to use PayPal. After finishing the reading, I am sending a communication to your e-mail together with the invoice where you can find payment information. It is possible to pay in the euro or USD.

You can expect communication to be ready within 7 working days. In most cases that is a few working days. If it is something urgent, there is an option for urgent situations that I can deliver in 24 hours.

You can ask whatever crosses your mind. Animals will answer in the best way they can. It rarely happens that they don't know the answer or won't talk about something.

The most frequent questions people have are: Are you happy in our family? Is there something you would like to change? What do you think about someone from the family – human or animal? Do you remember the life you had before you came into our family? Do you feel pain somewhere in the body? What is your purpose in this lifetime? Is there a reason for certain behavior you have?

If the animal is not in its physical body anymore, here are the questions you could ask: How are you feeling now? Are you giving me any signs that you are here? Have you met with a certain animal or human in the afterlife? Is there anything you want to let me know?

I always let my clients know that when it comes to health, animal communication is not the replacement for vet visits nor is the information I receive a diagnosis. If you already had a vet appointment and you want to know what your pet has to say about their health, you are welcome to contact me.

Like health issues, it is the same for behavioral issues. Even though I had a lot of positive experiences where I was able to help animals with their behavior, animal communication is not a substitute for trainer or behaviorists.