Nives Višnjić

My mission is to help animals be understood on a deeper level by people, as well as for people to realize their true value and how great their contribution is. I want to help animals to express their feelings, thoughts and wishes that are often left unspoken..

I frequently share advice that animals have for people they are surrounded by to help them. My goal is to restore the connectionwe naturally have with animals that has been forgotten due to our hurried lifestyles.


I was 16 when I first read books on the subject written by the famous authors Margrit Coates and Penelope Smith. Deep down I wished for interspecies animal communication to be the real deal, however, I wasn't fully convinced until 2 years later when I realized I was already doing it.

I had forgotten about books and animal communication although my heart's desire to work with animals always stayed with me. I was going through a harder life period at the time, and walking my dog was my therapy. Sometimes a dog named Šarko used to join us. Šarko was very timid and never left my side wherever we went. We had our route. That day we stayed way longer than planned. The “boys“ were laying beside me. All of a sudden I saw a vision of the home Šarko lived in. I asked him: “Do you want to go home?“ He got up that same moment and ran in the direction of his home. That was a very strange thing for him to do.

After that similar things kept happening with different animals. The books I read before helped me to realize that this is interspecies animal communication.


I completed the Beginning Core Foundations Course and later the Advanced Animal Talk Topics in The Heart School of Animal CommunicationI provided few hundred free animal communication sessions with animals worldwideto get feedback. Although the feedback was positive and uplifting and gave me the reason to continue developing my skills, it took some time for me to set up the framework for providing intuitive animal communication services professionally and become licensed by HUPED.