Unspoken Eyes is a small business for consulting about animals. The way I am able to communicate with animals is via telepathy, by looking at their eyes. Those eyes hold a whole other universe, a bunch of unspoken things. There comes the idea for the name.


Firstly I want to say that telepathy is innate to all of us but with hurried lifestyles, disconnecting from nature, and developing language we caused us to forget about it.

Have you ever experienced thinking about someone you haven't seen in a while, and then you see or hearing from them the same day? Or intuitively feeling something is going to happen and in the end, something does happen? Maybe looking into animals' eyes and knowing they are grateful or they want to eat?
Things like that happen because we are all connected.

The only difference between the things mentioned above and me is that I can consciously connect with animals because I trained my intuitive muscle.

When communicating with animals, usually I receive messages in the form of pictures, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and sensations.

I lead two-way communication with animals, meaning that they often ask questions and want explanations for things happening in their surroundings.


Animal communication is a great way to connect with animals around you. My clients contact me for various reasons. Most often they just want to know what their pets are thinking, what they have to share, and how they feel about a certain situation or incoming change. For example, I communicated with a lot of animals that had to welcome a new family member, when they had to change their residence, before or after surgeries, and before they had to leave this life. Animal communication most certainly is not a replacement for vet services or training, but it can be used in addition to them.

It is possible to connect with animals in Spirit. This is one of the most requested and for me personally one of the most beautiful ways to connect with animals. Connecting with animals from the other side can help in getting some closure. It especially applies if the animal passing was unexpected, you didn't have the chance to say goodbye or you feel guilty about something.